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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 10, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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memphis and new orleans brace it for historic flooding as the swollen mississippi river begins to crest. after the raid. new revelations about the covert mission to kill osama bin laden. and extreme rarity. a chinese woman gives birth to twins with a single body and two heads. good morning, everyone. i'm lynn berry. those stories and more straight ahead this is "first look" on msnbc. we begin this morning with the mighty mississippi. flooding of historic proportion is hitting areas along america's greatest river. memphis, tennessee has been hit particularly hard. residents there haven't dealt with floodwater this high since the 1930s.
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for the latest we go to nbc's jay gray. >> reporter: the mississippi has reached its peak cresting at a near 48 feet. >> all we can do now is let the water go down, try to keep people safe, keep them patient, give them the assistance they need. and -- because this is going to be with us for another few weeks. >> reporter: at least two weeks of homes filled with water instead of families. businesses submerged, frightening images for those down river. >> the floodwaters come to us. it's coming up and it's coming fast. >> reporter: in vicksburg, mississippi, that water is already beginning to swallow homes as it continues to move in. >> put it on high ground. >> reporter: many are being forced to move out and up to higher ground. but in louisiana, where most of this water will ultimately end up, higher ground is hard to find. the army corps of engineers opened 28 of the 350 gates on the spillway diverting some of the water into lake
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pontchartrain hoping to ease some of the pressure on the swollen river and tensions for those still in its path. jay gray, nbc news, memphis. well, details continue to emerge into last week's mission to nail down osama bin laden. according to the "new york times," two teams were on standby to handle any scenario that may unfold. there was one team to bury bin laden if he were killed, and a second team of lawyers, interrogators and translators in the event he was captured alive. meanwhile u.s. relations with pakistan continue to be tested after suspicion rose monday that the country's intelligence service leaked the name of the cia chief in islamabad. although since an image wasn't revealed, there are no plans to pull the operative. for more on this delicate situation, we go to steve handelsman. >> reporter: aides say president obama expected tough talk from pakistan.
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prime minister galani denying pakistan was in "quote, cahoots with al qaeda, saying don't blame us for the failure to find osama bin laden. >> mac stan alone cannot be held to account for fraud policies. >> reporter: he warned any future u.s. strike could meet pakistani counter force. at the white house no apparent offense taken. >> we remain confident that we will continue to cooperate with the pakistani government. >> reporter: and pakistan agreed to let u.s. agents interview osama bin laden's wives. meanwhile, as the public watches bin laden's home video seized by the s.e.a.l.s, experts say analysis of his hard drives is revealing al qaeda's secrets dot by dot, code names, phone numbers. >> you'll see the ability to take those mundane dots and the more explicit dots, the names of war, and connect them in a way that will ultimately unravel the
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organization. >> reporter: steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. and not surprisingly, our new nbc news poll shows overwhelming support for the president's decision to take out bin laden. 80% of americans say it was the right decision to kill the al qaeda mastermind. and that strong approval could be rubbing off on the president. mr. obama's overall job approval rating now stands at 52%, a three-point increase from an nbc news "wall street journal" poll taken just last month. however, when it comes to the economy, the president isn't faring so well, just 37% approve of his handling. that's an all-time low. the reason? some analysts point to skyrocketing gas prices. here's your "first look" at some other news going on around america today. spectators at a skateboard race in colorado ran for cover when a helicopter suddenly came crashing down. witnesses hid behind a nearby guardrail to shield themselves from mountain size debris
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scattered by the propellers. no one in the aircraft or on the ground was injured. a new jersey store clerk is nursing injuries after a brutal confrontation with a thief. a surveillance camera was rolling when the 24-year-old attempted to fight back when a suspect tried to exit after cleaning out the register. police have a lead but have made no arrest yet. hundreds of fish in a manmade public pond in kansas were found dead. this is the latest case of mass animal death being blamed on leaks within the pond and an invasive plant species that sucks up the oxygen in the water. officials plan to repair the leaks and remove the plant life before restocking the pond with fish. and in massachusetts, doctors introduced america's first full facial transplant recipient. his face was disfigured after coming in contact with a powerline. his remarkable two-year transformation has been rough, but the patient credits his
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daughter as the driving force behind his recovery. and now we turn to bill karins with your weather channel for k forecast. this flooding is brutal to see. this is a slow, unfolding disaster. we don't get disaster like this that often. most happen instantly like the tornados in alabama. we are watching the river. coming ever so close. just about at the crest in memphis. now it's traveling downstream. the water it's not like it goes crest and goes down. tomorrow it will probably be down an inch or two. that's it. that's the only difference. it will take a long time, maybe a couple weeks before those people can get back into their houses to assess how damaged they are as we track the crest down the river, in memphis today. as we go towards tomorrow or not tomorrow, towards monday of next week, almost a week from now, it's in greenville. then it will be about ten days from now until we see that crest
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in vicksburg. then another couple days after that before it rushes out through new orleans. the other weather story is the heat. the earliest we hit 100 degrees in wichita, kansas it was 94 in oklahoma. the drought continues to get worse. there's no rain in sight either. feel for the people in texas. amazing how question have a historical drought in texas and not far away we have the horrible flooding. as far as the forecast for today, watching heavy rain up there, especially up in north dakota. showers and storms in areas of michigan. it's not the prettiest of mornings in coastal rein. that's where we have rain, wind and large rains from our huge ocean storm. service severe weather, thunderstorms just rolled through bismarck. fargo, you're done. that storm is leaving you. just up there in north dakota is
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the bad weather. if you're in south carolina, tennessee, kentucky, you could see strong storms. wind damage, maybe some isolated hail. not many tornadoes. also up through minneapolis we could see additional strong storms late today. this looks like one of the best spring weeks we'll see from areas of d.c. to new york. temperatures again today in the 70s. it's a cool morning. gorgeous afternoon. atlanta, a bit on the hot side for you at 90. chicago, enjoy a dry day. temperatures there around 80. tomorrow we watch a lot of severe storms in the middle of the country. if we see a day this week with tornado tornadoes, it will probably be tomorrow morning. back to you. >> all right. who is buying skype? who is leading in the chase for dollar thrifty? and why rome may be a guest town next week. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. coming up a pair of overtime
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. here's some of the top stories making news this morning. in a speech last night, house speaker john boehner said republicans will insist that any increase in the u.s. debt limit, which is necessary to avoid an unprecedented u.s. default on its financial obligations, must be accompanied by trillions in spending cuts. arizona governor jan brewer will ask the supreme court to lift an injunction blocking parts of the controversial immigration law. it took effect last july but was stripped of provision that would have given police the power to check the immigration status of suspected criminals. an orthodox jewish newspaper is apologizing for editing out secretary of state hillary clinton from a photo of president obama and his staff watching the osama bin laden
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mission. the new york paper says it doesn't publish images of women out of respect if jewish laws of modesty. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger and his wife, maria shriver, are separated. the two have been together for 25 years. and in china, a woman has given birth to conjoined twin babies with a single body and two heads. doctors were quoted as saying it would be nearly impossible to separate them. and now here is a "first look" at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12,684 after gaining 45 points yesterday. the s&p added 6 points. s nasdaq rose 15. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei was up 24 points. while in hong kong, the hang seng was closed for a holiday. wall street wakes up this morning to one very big acquisition. reuters reports microsoft will announce it has beat out
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facebook and google to buy the web video conferencing service skype in its biggest deal ever for $8.5 billion. monday the very same companies hobbled by last week's massive commodities selloff rode higher thanks to a rebound in oil and materials. silver rose climbing back from its worst weekly drop since at least 1975. energy stocks also led gains as oil once again moved above $100 a barrel. in financials, heavily traded citigroup dragged stocks falling over 2% after the company's one for ten reverse stock split. h&r block tumbled 7% after reports a group will try to force the company's defunct subprime lending unit to buy back billions in soured home loans. dollar thrifty soared 13% after hertz, battling with rival avis, offered to buy the company for more than $2.2 billion. european markets fell on worries about greece after standard and
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poors downgraded the nation's rating in to junk territory. china posted its biggest trade surplus in four months in april swinging from a first quarter deficit. principal safety regulators are investigating a fuel tank problem that could effect more than 2.7 million ford f-150 pickup trucks. and finally, tourists beware. despite assurances from officials, thousands of romans have left town after internet warnings of a devastating earthquake next wednesday rumored to have been forecast by a long dead seismologist. though, as other experts say, there's a 0% to 10% chance of it happening. there you go. in health news this morning, according to a new study, taking time to observe kids after a head injury will help determine which ones need a head x-ray. the recommendation is important because researchers are not sure whether too many ct scans may trigger cancer years later in
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life. for more information on this and other health stories, check out the health page at a triple overtime nba thriller, and a strange item hits the ice in hockey. plus lebron and the heat put the celtics on the brink. four "first look" at sports is straight ahead. [ ticking ]
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poised to leap a big playoff hurdle after last night's win over the celtics. here's nbc's fred roggin. good morning. the celtics one shot away from tying their series with the heat, now they're one loss away from the end of their season. we go to boston, final seconds, tied at 86. paul pierce for the win off the mark. pierce thought he was fouled. didn't get the call or the jumper at the buzzer. on to overtime where the heat took over. lebron james with two of his 35 and moments later, off the lebron miss, chris bosh, the tip that put the celtics away. the heat can wrap it up tomorrow. great game between the grizzlies and thunder. final seconds of regulation. connelly jr. knocked down three to force overtime. memphis needed heroics in the extra frame. off balance for the tie and he got it. the thunder finally pulled away. kevin durant are the dagger. thunder even the series with a wild 133-123 win in triple o.t.
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in detroit, it's tradition to throw an octopus on the ice. now the predators have started something just as fishy. someone threw a catfish on the ice during game six. that sent the predators fishing, eliminating nashville from the postseason with a 2-1 win. so much for that catfish. vancouver will either face the sharks or red wings in the western conference finals. game six of that series is tonight. and finally to milwaukee where the brewers turned in one of the best double plays of the season. jason bartlett a shot up the middle, betancourt made the stop, flipped the ball behind his back to weeks, and he barehanded the catch and made the play. betancourt to second, and it was perfect. weeks took it from there, caught and throw to first all in one motion. doesn't get better than that brewers won it 4-3. that's your "first look" at sports. >> now for another quick look at the weather, here is bill karins.
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he has the weather channel forecast. >> as nice as it has been from the carolinas up to central new england, coast the new england it's been the opposite. there's a big ocean storm out there if you're in coastal maine, new hampshire, boston, you know what i'm talking about you haven't gotten into the gorgeous stuff. today more of the same. mid 70s, beautiful spring conditions. boston is going to be windy with showers and 54. not pleasant there. everyone else has enjoyed great weather. buffalo today at 69. a great afternoon to spend outside. look at the forecast in d.c. this is just the week. temperatures are going to be mid 70s all the way up through saturday. dry conditions. this is the week, we deserve after what we all went through in april. as far as today's forecast, middle of the country, there's a heat advisory in kansas city. i guess we're starting that season already. temperatures warm through texas. 90s widespread from san antonio
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to kansas city. mild many minneapolis and chicago, highs near 80. atlanta today at 90. tomorrow, if there's going to it be a severe weather day, it's going to be tomorrow in the middle of the country. some torpenadoes, not a huge outbreak. >> there's a new entry in the category of weird showbiz baby names. and we'll tell you how paul mccartney played it when he popped the question to his new fiancee. your "first look" at entertainment is straight ahead. lexus holds its value
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welcome back to "first
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look." last night on "late night with jimmy fallon," jimmy gave a pat on the back to the winner of the kentucky derby. >> i want to say a big congratulations to jockey john velazquez who won the kentucky derby this weekend. or as the horse put it -- yeah. all you, man, congrats. i don't no how you did it. you must be exhausted right now. hooter's apparently gave out free chicken wings on mother's day. that's the perfect way to tell your mom, i'm not just a sleaze, i'm also a cheapskate. come on, mom. washington, d.c. has a new program that would pay residents $12 thush $12,000 to move closer to the workplace. today 3,000 prostitutes moved in
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closer to congress. perfect. >> tonight, jimmy welcomes keira knightley, john mcenroe and musical guest chris cornell. that's "late night with jimmy fallon" on your local nbc station. it is time for your "first look" at entertainment news. former beatle paul mccartney spared no expense when it came to popping the question. according to "us weekly" sir paul proposed to the new york business woman during a romantic candlelit dinner for two and did it with a ring estimated to be worth $650,000. well done. today lindsay lohan pleads no contest to misdemeanor theft, paving the way for her to serve her 120-day probation violation sentence at home. she will not be in court. bristol palin is moving to l.a. to live with her former dancing with the stars castmate and film a reality tv show. buckingham palace officials
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announced this morning prince william and his wife, kate middleton, now known as the duke and duchess of cambridge have departed on their delayed honeymoon. they declined to say where they were headed but did stress the privacy would like the privacy to be respected during their honeymoon. and finally, we have a new winner when it comes to strange baby names. silver stone and her husband have named their new boy bear blu. >> maybe somebody gave them a blue bear. maybe we could get apple together with bear blu. >> just a little crew. i'm lynn berry, stay tuned, "way too early" with willie geist starts now. a report this morning that
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the special forces that went into pakistan to get osama bin laden were armed and ready to fight their way out of pakistan, against the pakistanis. the question is, can you imagine what that scene would have looked like? let's not imagine it. president obama declares a major state of emergency in tennessee as the mississippi river's floodwaters keep rising. the question is how are those levees down in louisiana holding up? and lebron james pitakes mii one step closer to knocking off the celtics. how could an overtime heats/celtics game not be the best game of the night? it's "way too early" for this. good morning. i'm willie geist, it's "way too early." the show up late watching two of the league's oldest rivals, memphis and oklahoma city duke it out into the early


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